• Voting during a pandemic | COMMENTARY

    By Sam Novey, Nykidra Robinson and Danielle Torain The state of Wisconsin recently went ahead with its primary at polling places as planned, forcing many residents to choose between protecting their personal health and exercising their right to vote. No American should have to make that choice. Here in Maryland, we won’t have to. Unlike [...]
  • Learn, Don’t Burn: The Baltimore Compost Collective digs into South Baltimore

    By Kaitlyn Pacheco When Kenneth Moss was 6 years old, he grew his first tomato at the Filbert Street Community Garden. Now, a decade later, the Benjamin Franklin High student, pictured right, gives back to the soil with the Baltimore Compost Collective, a local service that collects food scraps from South Baltimore neighborhoods to create [...]
  • PIVOT helping women thrive post-incarceration

    By Lisa Robinson I-Team Reporter BALTIMORE — Incarceration interrupts one's life. Once a person has served their time and is released, it's easy to enter a downward spiral. One organization is helping women released from prison find their way back. PIVOT is designed specifically for women who have been incarcerated and need help to get [...]
  • Safe place to shoot up? Some say Baltimore needs supervised sites for drug use. Others say that’s insane.

    By Jean Marbella and Meredith Cohn  Unlike the public bathrooms, dark alleys and vacant rowhomes where addicts furtively conduct their business, the facility’s atmosphere would be welcoming and clean. Users could avail themselves of new needles and alcohol swabs — with trained staff discreetly nearby in case of overdose — then linger in a “chill” [...]
  • Inside Baltimore’s Unique Bid to Open Safe Consumption Sites

    By Brandon Soderberg A row of seats at the front of Baltimore City Council’s chambers was reserved for harm reductionists on January 13. They were there to celebrate a small but significant shift in how Baltimore deals with the overdose crisis: The introduction of a resolution to hold an informational hearing about safe consumption sites [...]
  • Danielle Torain named OSI-Baltimore executive director

    By Adam Bednar Danielle Torain takes over as Open Society Institute-Baltimore’s executive director on Jan. 21 at a time when issues at the core of the organization’s mission, such as criminal justice reform, are intertwined with the debate about how to address violent crime in the city. Read Full Article
  • The solution to Baltimore’s overdose crisis—safe consumption sites

    By Brandon Soderberg Last week, the Abell Foundation released a report encouraging Baltimore to establish overdose prevention sites—regulated locations staffed with medical personnel where people can use drugs. This report, “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” comes at a moment when attitudes towards overdose prevention sites (or as they are sometimes called, “safe [...]
  • Art AND: Ashley Minner

    By Suzy Kopf Ashley Minner doesn’t want to help you with your land acknowledgement or with figuring out what you should call indigenous peoples. She is tired of being asked to speak for all indigenous peoples everywhere. She’d rather be speaking about the specific story of her family or her own art practice. “It’s hard [...]
  • Next Man Up

    A local nonprofit celebrates ten years of providing for local student athletes. By Evan Greenberg Twelve years ago, Matt Hanna discovered the Marc Kelly Smith poem “Pull the Next One Up,” and it has since become the credo of his nonprofit organization, Next One Up. Inspired by the poem’s message of helping others find personal success, [...]
  • The Book Thing Starts Next Chapter Under New Management

    Here’s what to know when planning a visit to Baltimore’s free-to-all bookshop. By Kaitlyn Pacheco After 20 years of providing free-to-all books to the bibliophiles of Baltimore, The Book Thing has started a new chapter in its own story. In July, the nonprofit announced that its founder, Russell Wattenberg, who started the free book project [...]