• A Tour of Baltimore’s American Indian “Reservation”

    —This story is written by 2008 OSI Community Fellow Ashley Minner. She is part of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and is a visual artist and assistant curator for History and Culture at the National Museum of the American Indian.— By Ashley Minner Just about 40 miles north of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of [...]
  • Author David Miller returns to Africa to develop a new curriculum for students

    —This article highlights David Miller who is a 1999 OSI Community Fellow— By David Lance, AFRO MDDC Intern Author David Miller knows a thing or two about reaching back into your past to inform the future. Right now he is once again back in Ghana, Africa- but this time, he’ll be coming back with something [...]
  • After court battle, Marilyn Mosby releases list of 305 Baltimore police officers with credibility issues

    — Note:  Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) is a grantee of OSI Baltimore. — By Lee O. Sanderlin and Jessica Anderson A Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office list of more than 300 Baltimore police officers with credibility issues, many of whom continue to be called to testify in court, has been made public for the first time after [...]
  • A Catalyst for Change

    —Catalina Rodriguez-Lima is a member of the OSI Baltimore Advisory Board.— When Catalina Rodriguez Lima ’06 saw the need for an office of immigrant affairs in Baltimore, she did what she’s done her whole life: She acted. By Mike Unger Catalina Rodriguez Lima is sitting in Teavolve in Fells Point, sipping a warm mocha latte [...]
  • A City Seeks to Undo a Legacy of Trauma

    — Note: Healing City Baltimore is an OSI-supported initiative. — By Daniela Altimari A Baltimore law requires agencies that interact with children and families to receive training in trauma-informed care. It's changing how the city engages with residents, with a greater emphasis on healing rather than hardline policies. The Baltimore public library system used to take a hard line [...]
  • As Baltimore opens enrollment for $1,000 monthly payments to young parents, applicants say the need is real

    By Emily Opilo This week, Wright was one of the first applicants to Baltimore’s guaranteed income pilot program, which promises $1,000-a-month payments for two years to a group of the city’s young parents. Dubbed the Baltimore Young Families Success Fund, the program is open specifically to young parents, ages 18 to 24, who have income [...]
  • Sharing Philanthropic Power With Grantees Is Messy and Challenging but Worth the Effort

    By Danielle Torain and Julia Baez An op-ed by OSI-Baltimore Director Danielle Torain and Baltimore’s Promise CEO Julia Baez about the B’More Invested initiative and the imperative of participatory and trust-based philanthropy to address historic and current inequities in funding Since George Floyd’s murder two years ago this month, and the national racial reckoning that [...]
  • Introducing The Daily Record’s 2022 Power 30 Higher Education

    2019 OSI Fellow Dinorah Olmos named to the Maryland Daily Record’s 2022 Power 30 Higher Education By Daily Record Staff Maryland has justly earned a reputation as home to some of the finest institutions of higher education in the nation. The men and women who make up our second annual Power 30 Higher Education List [...]
  • Mayor announces launch of guaranteed income pilot program

    By Nicole Batey Mayor Brandon M. Scott, local officials and strategic partners, stood outside the War Memorial Building on April 20 to announce the Baltimore Young Families Success Fund (BYFSF), the mayor’s guaranteed income pilot program. Over the last year, a steering committee co-led by Joe Jones Jr., founder, president and CEO of the Center [...]
  • Baltimore to Pay 200 Young Parents $1,000 a Month as Part of Guaranteed Income Pilot Program

    By Bennett Leckrone Baltimore is set to give 200 young parents a cash payment of $1,000 per month over two years as part of a guaranteed income pilot program, Mayor Brandon M. Scott (D) announced Wednesday. The Baltimore Young Families Success Fund program was designed over the past year by a steering committee led by [...]