Leadership Council

OSI’s Leadership Council is an eclectic, professional, and engaged group of people who share a commitment and a passion for Baltimore—and who actively want to be part of the solutions for its future. It was established to widen the network of people who know about the issues that OSI addresses and the work that we do, and who serve as ambassadors.

Jamar Brown (co-chair)
Mary Louise Preis (co-chair)
Myrtis Bedolla
Peter Beilenson
Ellen Bernard
Andy Bertamini
Wendy Bohdel
Sally Boulter
Ann Boyce
Hannah Brancato
Sylvia Brown
Marc Bunting
Deborah Callard
John Cammack
Judy Campbell-McKennis
Matt Cipollone
LaMar Davis
Corryne Deliberto
Beth Falcone

Dorie Fain
Beth Falcone

Mark Fetting
Ryan Frederick
Neal Friedlander
Andy Freeman

Joann Fruchtman
Frank Gallagher
Laura Gamble
Nayeli Garcia Mowbray
Michelle Gourdine
Darius Graham
Geoffrey Greif
Linda Hambleton Panitz
Nondie Hemphill
Terry Hickey
David Hodnett
Jacky Jennings
Henry Kahn
Dawn Kirstaetter
Matthew Kohel
Kevin Loeb
Stanley Mazaroff
Molly McGrath Tierney
Rachel Micah-Jones
Monica Mitchell
Dominique Moore
Kimberlee Moore
Liz Moser
Betsy Nelson
David Nelson

Todd Oppenheim
Jo-Ann Orlinsky

Barbara Orman
Christine Pham
Mark Rau
Tim Regan
Catalina Rodriguez-Lima
Julie Rothman
Ted Rouse
Jesse Salazar
Shanaysha Sauls
Nancy Savage
Paul Silber
Zeluis Teixeira
Dave Troy
Laura Tucker
Matt Vocci
John Waters

Nancy Wertheimer
Peter Wertheimer

Hasdai Westbrook
Paul Wolman
Rebecca Yenawine
Matt Zernhelt
Steve Ziger