• Black Women Build – Baltimore

    “As each house that a participant works on becomes a home, the community grows stronger and more connected.” 2018 OSI Community Fellow Shelley Halstead started her organization, Black Women Build-Baltimore to help Black women gain skills and thrive.

  • Baltimore Free Farm Food Rescue

    “When you give someone healthy food, you nourish their entire person, not just their body.” 2017 Community Fellow Matt Burke’s Baltimore Free Farm Food Rescue is helping close the gap of food insecurity for many underserved communities in Baltimore and giving more people access to healthy food.

  • Baltimore Dance Crews Project

    2015 OSI Community Fellow Brian Gerardo uses hip-hop dance to strengthen relationships with students in Baltimore City, giving youth an opportunity to develop leadership skills while expressing themselves through dance.

  • An End to Ignorance/Circles of Voices

    “I try to bring people into the same space from different backgrounds, different cultures, different perspectives,” 2016 Community Fellow J.C.. Faulk says of his organization Circle of Voices/An End to Ignorance. “I believe that you have to create discomfort in order for there to be change.”

About Impact Series

The work of OSI-Baltimore has impact in many different ways. See how our fellows and grantees are transforming the city in this photo essay series.