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Diana L. Morris!

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OSI-Baltimore says farewell to founder and director Diana Morris


Twenty-one years after she founded OSI-Baltimore – the only US field office of Open Society Foundations – from her kitchen table, Diana Morris will officially step down as director at the end of June. This is a page to thank Diana for her years of service to the people of Baltimore, to share memories and reflections on her tenure at Open Society, and to celebrate her impact and legacy.

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  1. Bro. Frank ODonnell says:

    Dear Diana,
    Many thanks for all that you have done for and with our city of Baltimore! OSI can be proud of your dedicated leadership. Peace, Bro. Frank

  2. Maria Broom says:

    Dear Diana… great big hugs of love and gratitude for you. You are a tremendous soul who has served so many. Blessings upon your next series of adventures. Please always take good care of your self.

  3. Jessica Strauss says:

    Dear Diana,
    I have been remiss in not writing you before now. I’m sorry I had to work through your farewell event!
    I’m sure many have started their notes to you with “there are no words” – and certainly anything I could say would inadequately describe the impact you have had on this community. You have led OSI in demonstrating that philanthropy can, by generating responsive programming and stimulating local leadership, consonant with policy development work, have lasting effects both in individual lives and in structural change. I hope more philanthropists will rise to the example you have set – of boldness in programming, of setting system change goals, and of seeking equity.
    I am sure (hopeful!) that we will see you and your husband in the future, around town, at our gatherings, and in future civic engagement.
    All the best,

  4. Ted Wiese says:

    You have always been the face of OSI for Mary Jo and me and so many others. I know that you have prepared the organization well for this transition, but it is still hard to imagine OSI without your visionary leadership and persistent personal drive. I hope at some point you return to engage in Baltimore’s ongoing varied efforts to reform practices and achieve potential. But first enjoy some R&R!

  5. Susan Goering says:

    June 11, 2019

    Dear Diana, what a remarkable tenure you’ve had these past 21 years! I am going to miss your presence in Baltimore so much (remember I met you when you were at Blaustein). I marveled even then at how quickly you moved into your leadership role. You listened and then vouched for us. This meant the world to the ACLU because we had ambitious goals as well. At a critical time in the life of our education lawsuit you invited funders to come listen to Bebe and me and learn about our case. And shortly thereafter, funding began coming through our door when we really needed to build our way to winning the education case in court. I will be forever grateful for your understanding of what real change we were after. And, of course your support was felt all over Baltimore City by so many over people over so many years.

    Here’s to you and Peter and your new life abroad and at home. May your many talents continue to honor the lives of those who need a partner with ambitious goals like yours.
    When you come back to Baltimore, I ‘d love to see you and hear how everything is going.
    Perhaps we can have a cup of tea at the Evergreen for old time’s sake.

    Susan Goering

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