Baltimore should become a software education leader

The U.S. faces a critical shortage of skilled software developers. Employers cannot find enough talented practitioners despite offering high salaries and generous benefits. I believe this is due to the outmoded, off-putting way we expose students to computer programming techniques, and I propose that Baltimore become the world leader for a new educational approach. Baltimore […]

Teaching kids through mobile media

Most educators will tell you, teens have mobile phones, but they cannot make mobile apps. They access Web sites often, but few know how to use HTML code to design their own. In Baltimore, we can address this dearth of media literacy easily, to ensure the city will have its share of well-qualified workers for […]

Help for recovering individuals just a click away

What if we combine supportive housing with low priced but high tech video counseling using computers connected to the internet for individuals leaving formal treatment to remain in close contact with their counselors and recovery support services? Why does treatment fail? The answer is a complex one but the top three reasons on anybody’s list […]

Baltimore’s case for Google fiberoptic investment is more than just stunts

What if Baltimore was a national leader in developing new technologies for the future of the Internet? It’s a real possibility and many of us here in Baltimore are working hard to make it a reality. On February 10, Google announced plans to build out a new, extremely fast fiberoptic Internet service in one or […]

Give a laptop, change the world

Any day, at any of the 22 locations of the Enoch Pratt Free Library system in Baltimore you will see hundreds of people tapping away on our computers. Across the nation, 60% of people who visit public libraries come to use computers and access the internet. In Baltimore City alone, 40% of households have no […]

Social networking for social change

With his first address to Congress, President Obama called for “a renewed spirit of national service for this and future generations.”  Across the country his remarks were met with rousing applause. Since then, Congress passed a bill that is likely to have the largest effect on volunteerism since JFK called for the creation of a […]