Dismantling the workings of white supremacy

The poisonous notion of white supremacy is the root from which many of our experiences of American culture grows. It is what successive generations of black Americans have risked their lives to eradicate. It is the refuge from fair competition that has unjustly privileged white Americans for two and a half centuries.

Statement by OSI-Baltimore in Response to the Killing of Freddie Gray

OSI-Baltimore stands ready, with resources and expertise, to make certain changes are made to the underlying root causes that have troubled our city for decades. For 17 years, we have worked with hundreds of grantees, Community Fellows and other partners throughout the city to bring about just policies and practices that respect the rights and advances the potential of each resident.

Announcing the 2010 class of Baltimore Community Fellows

What makes a crisp fall day even better? The announcement of the newest class of Baltimore Community Fellows! Each year, I get a double-espresso shot of inspiration as we interview the 20 top candidates—from a pool of over 225 people who begin the process every year, attending orientation sessions as early as February. Once again […]

Celebrate a champion of social justice

Our dear friend Clinton Bamberger is stepping down from the OSI-Baltimore board after bringing expertise, wisdom, a sense of outrage and humor to it over the last 13 years. We can think of no better way to recognize Clinton and his many contributions to us and the broader community than to name a Baltimore Community […]

Talking about race

The inauguration of the first black president of the United States capped off a year of national attention to race. From the contentious South Carolina Primary to then–candidate Obama’s historic race speech at the National Constitution Center in March 2008, the year was filled with moments when were focused on the racial significance of the events […]

Real stimulation for only $25 billion

No, this is not an overly expensive trip to the Block, this is how we could create and or sustain 1,187,500 jobs, improve the quality of life, reduce congestion, manage growth, limit sprawl, protect and improve the environment, and increase opportunity for the 2.6 million people in Central Maryland. It’s a way to get one […]

What’s up with the wall?

Why does it keep getting higher and higher? Why is it ever harder to see through? Why is it just so hard to penetrate?  I am speaking metaphorically about the divide that we find between Baltimore City and its surrounding suburbs. Two sets of people living very near each other but leading such different lives—there must […]

It’s a right, not a privilege

Last week I participated in a discussion about the Supreme Court’s decision in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board with Ron Christie, a former special assistant to George W. Bush.  In that case, the Supreme Court upheld, 6-3, Indiana’s voter I.D. law.  The venue was NPR’s News & Notes, a public affairs program hosted by […]

Invite the neighbors to turn the town around

It is no secret that Baltimore has more than its share of serious social and economic problems—ask anyone who lives here what’s wrong with this city and you’re sure to hear a litany of ills from violence in the streets, rampant drug addiction and HIV infection rates, unacceptably high numbers of children dropping out of […]