Want better student attendance? Head Start may be part of the solution.

Our study of attendance in City Schools’ early grades resulted in a surprising discovery. Head Start students began kindergarten with better attendance than peers from City Schools pre-kindergarten. Not only that, they maintained a higher level of attendance through the end of third grade! That’s four years after leaving the program.

Making school attendance a community priority

Baltimore is making progress in our schools with the help of new investment and much-needed reforms. We know, however, that our efforts to improve facilities and teacher performance can only be successful if every student is present and ready to learn.

Making every day count for Baltimore City School students

Chakel, an 11th grade law program student at Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School in Baltimore City, believes she can make her mark through success in school: “Every day, I work on making an impact on the world.” But every day, other Baltimore City Public Schools students struggle just to get to school.

Encouraging better student attendance

This week, alarm clocks will sound off throughout Baltimore city signaling parents, students and teachers to awaken for the first week of school. Some will bounce right out of bed eager to start the day while others will hit the snooze button hoping for an extra five minutes of sleep. Why should there be a […]