Education and Youth Development

The Open Society Institute-Baltimore’s Education and Youth Development Program aims to increase the knowledge and skills of Baltimore’s children and youth through improved public education and enhanced after-school and summer programs, so that they can become successful citizens, workers, and parents.


Keep children connected to school: pre-k through graduation.

Public education is the only opportunity program offered to all American youth and is critical to the futures of city children. The program supports advocacy, technical assistance and systemic reforms that ensure that all children can attend and benefit from public education. Current attendance efforts bring public agencies, City Schools, community organizations, parents, teachers and students together to reform policies and practices that impede regular school attendance and to make schools engaging and welcoming.

Support school reform efforts to create new schools.

Baltimore’s drop-out rate is testimony to the fact that its schools do not meet the needs of more than 30% of its students. To change this reality, OSI-Baltimore’s Education Program focuses on efforts to create new, innovative schools–especially for students who are likely to leave without graduating. The program is currently looking to develop and fund school models that will “accelerate” both on-track and off-track students’ progress through high school.

Expand opportunities for learning when school is not in session.

The hours after school, on weekends, and during the summer are crucial to healthy youth development. As it has over the past ten years, the program will provide advocacy, technical support and grants to increase the quality, quantity and sustainability of out-of-school time programs in Baltimore and Maryland.