Education and Youth Development

The Open Society Institute-Baltimore’s Education and Youth Development Program aims to end harmful and inequitable policies and practices that push children in Baltimore—particularly children of color—out of school, and to enhance school and other learning opportunities to prepare students for success in adulthood.

To accomplish these goals, the Education Program will advance four strategies:


Implement practices that improve school climate and address bullying, especially given the divisive political environment that has filtered down to residents across the country.


Reform school policing to decrease or eliminate student arrests and disparate treatment of among subgroups.


Assist City Schools to scale flexible and individualized academic and student supports for high school students who are over age and under credited and/or for those students who wish to accelerate their coursework.


Advocate to ensure that schools are adequately funded and that appropriate school climate measures are included in state and local policy.

For more information, email Education and Youth Development Program Specialst Emily Faxon,