From time to time, OSI-Baltimore’s program directors offer commentaries on criminal and juvenile justice, education and youth development, and drug addiction treatment.

Addiction Is a disease of cravings

Thomas Cargiulo

Individuals who are addicted are not trying to get “high.” They are trying to relieve intense cravings.

Make addiction treatment accessable

Thomas Cargiulo

If there is a bright spot in battling opiod addiction, it is that there are effective medications to treat it (methadone and buprenorphine). However, the federal government has strict regulations around the use of these medications.

Is Chocolate the real gateway drug?

Thomas Cargiulo

You’ve probably heard about the term “gateway drug”. Generally, the theory posits, a gateway drug is the first drug a person takes that then leads them on the way to “harsher” drugs and ultimately leads the way to addiction.

Racial differences in Maryland’s justice system raise civil rights concerns

Monique Dixon

The U.S. leads the world in the number of people it incarcerates-about 2.3 million. And, most people in this country’s prisons and jails are disproportionately African American or Latino.

Four reasons why Baltimore doesn’t need another jail

Monique Dixon

Did you know that Maryland officials plan to spend almost $100 million dollars to build a new jail in Baltimore City? This jail would be used exclusively for youth, ages 14 through 17, who are arrested, charged as an adult and locked up as they wait for their trials to be held. In these hard economic times, we believe that a new jail is unnecessary and a waste of tax-payer dollars.