• Shirell Tyner

    Shirell will establish the HIV/AIDS Outreach and Prevention Campaign in northwest Baltimore.  She will target women most vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS virus by targeting the most difficult to reach—the ex-offenders, substance abusers and distributors, prostitutes, and the homeless.

  • Ivy Parsons

    Ivy will create the Interfaith Garden Art Project in partnership with the Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, Dr. Rayner Brown Elementary / Middle School, and the Interfaith community as a place to honor the school’s champion chess players and as a sustainable environmental green space for all the community to enjoy.

  • Ashley Minner

    Ashley will use art as a tool to engage Native American youth in a structured out of school, community-based arts program.  The program will be used to connect the youth to their culture as well as educate the broader community about the Native American community.

  • Cydne Kimbrough

    Cydne will use the Baltimore Transgender Anti-discrimination ordinance as the foundation to create a support system that advocates for more transgender opportunities in housing, education, and employment.

  • Laurie Kendall

    Laurie will establish the Spiral Dance Womyn’s Center.  Located in east Baltimore, the program will help women develop the practical skills needed to become active and successful participants in their own lives, homes, businesses and communities.

  • Jon Kaplan

    Jon will create the Baltimore Fitness Academy (bMorefit) and partner with YO! Baltimore to train and mentor marginalized teens–18 – 24– in a fitness and nutritional educational program. Participants will be certified and employed in the growing industry of fitness and hospitality.