• Addiction Now: Safe Injection Facilities as a Public Health Strategy

    About 2,000 people in Maryland died of drug overdoses last year and the governor has declared a “State of Emergency.” Join OSI-Baltimore and the New Day Campaign to discuss how facilities where people who use drugs can inject opioids in a medical setting reduces overdoses and increases access to treatment.

  • Addiction Now Series: Opioid, Opioid, Opioid

    The first in a series of events, “Addiction Now: Opioid, Opioid, Opioid” will take a look at the current opioid crisis both here and abroad. What is it? Why are we in it? What can be done about it? And what is currently being done about it? Participants will also examine the crisis through a historical […]

  • Talking About Addiction: Youth, Addiction, and Juvenile Justice

    On June 1 at Red Emma’s, OSI-Baltimore will host the second event in its “Talking About Addiction” series, a discussion about adolescents and addiction with experts in the field, advocates, and families that have been affected by addiction problems. Much of the public, along with advocates, healthcare providers, and even many in law enforcement, have come […]