• Audacious Thinking: Fall 2014

    This issue highlights the Open Places Initiative, a new place-based program building on OSI-Baltimore’s example. Scott Nolen writes about the rise of heroin use and we interviewed William Baker and Mary Louise Preis.

  • Audacious Thinking: Spring 2014

    This issue features the Unger v. State decision, Diana Morris writes about the levers of change, Jane Sundius writes about school discipline reform, and we cover two alumni fellows who are working to make their organizations sustainable.

  • 2013 OSI Grants and Donors

    2013 Grants and Donors List

    We know it can happen. We see progress every day. We use a broad set of tools—grantmaking, education, advocacy, technical assistance, and investment—to take promising solutions to scale. See our 2013 highlights, grants, and donors.

  • Then & Now: drug addiction treatment

    One of the Open Society Institute-Baltimore’s first priorities when we opened our doors in 1998 was to make certain that anyone who needed drug addiction treatment was able to get it—whether or not they had health insurance.

  • Obstacles to justice

    Leslie Vass spent 10 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The story he tells about how the police, the courts and entire criminal justice system failed him is alarming.

  • Lesson learned: key to more high school graduates may be fewer suspensions

    We know from experience—and research—that using suspension as a primary discipline tool is a recipe for school failure. When children are suspended, they are not in school learning, they are not being coached to adopt new and better ways of responding to conflict, and they are not being required to make amends for their misdeeds.

  • 2012 Grants and Donor List

    2012 Grants and Donors List

    Change takes audacious ideas, pragmatic solutions, partnerships, patience, and persistence.  We are working to create a different city. With community partners and policy makers, OSI-Baltimore is developing effective solutions and making lasting change in Baltimore. Download the 2012 Grants and Donor List.

  • Audacious Thinking: Spring 2013

    In this special 15th anniversary edition of Audacious Thinking, Diana Morris talks about where we stand, Jane Sundius shares lessons learned about keeping kids in school, and Monique Dixon gives an update on the proposed youth jail.

  • Audacious Thinking: Fall 2012

    This issue of Audacious Thinking features a social justice report card, interviews with young professionals in the city, and a list of 2012 Alumni Fellows grants…

  • Audacious Thinking: Spring 2012

    In this issue of Audacious Thinking, OSI-Baltimore announces a new initiative to expand the school day. The issue also features the work of an alliance of OSI-Baltimore grantees who are working to stop the construction of a new jail for youth charged as adults…