• City, organizations fund effort to make Baltimore safe place for abortions, family planning services

    By Lisa Robinson — Baltimore City officials, joined by various community organizations and service providers, announced funding opportunities for abortion and family planning service providers... In addition to money from the city, Open Society Institute-Baltimore is allocating $250,000. "I'm also using this opportunity to invite my colleagues from other foundations to add funding to this [...]
  • Local Control Advisory Board created to potentially return police department under City control

    By Tre Ward-Team Reporter BALTIMORE —Baltimore is moving forward with steps to potentially place the police force back under the city's control. Six community members were sworn in this evening as part of the first-ever Local Control Advisory Board. Baltimore City has the only local government in Maryland that doesn't have control over its police [...]
  • PIVOT helping women thrive post-incarceration

    By Lisa Robinson I-Team Reporter BALTIMORE — Incarceration interrupts one's life. Once a person has served their time and is released, it's easy to enter a downward spiral. One organization is helping women released from prison find their way back. PIVOT is designed specifically for women who have been incarcerated and need help to get [...]