• Best audacious blog posts: part 1

    As the year comes to a close, the Open Society Institute-Baltimore staff took a moment to reflect upon and review the more than 50 audacious ideas that have been posted here on audaciousideas.org. In true Open Society fashion, everyone in the office had a different idea about their favorites, so we did not choose just […]

  • Learn from others

    If we took the best ideas from across the world to Maryland, our state would be the best place for children and families in America. But this isn’t happening. For example, Missouri has developed the best model for rehabilitating delinquent youth. Youth are served in small, regional facilities; families are involved from the beginning. Recidivism […]

  • Change as cooperative evolution

    Intricate ecosystems, such as the Chesapeake Bay Estuary or the Great Maya Reef, offer an opportunity for people to become aware of the importance of the interdependent functional and ecological roles that provide social security to a community.  One can gain insight into the complex web of interactions that structure human life by looking at […]

  • Imagining might spur action

    What would it take to create a widespread sense of urgency about solving Baltimore’s problems? I often feel that our region’s relative wealth allows some of us to be insulated from the pockets of poverty and instability that deeply affect too many of our fellow citizens. When critical public moments arise—such as the upcoming legislative […]