• Art-filled spaces dedicated to issues, art and community

    Visual art has the potential to play a more vital role in the life of our community than has yet been fully realized. There are a few local models out there hinting at possibilities. Coming up in November is the Baltimore Bioneers ’08 Conference, weaving issue-related art into an event all about innovative thinking on […]

  • Have you had your arts today?

    High-performing schools have strong arts programs. Low-performing schools do not. This fact remains true regardless of the demographics. In fact, in challenging circumstances schools show the greatest improvement when the arts are strong. My audacious idea: at the end of each school day, each Baltimore City Public School student can answer “Yes!” to the question: […]

  • The really big idea

    Is it audacious of us to believe that a single civic action can change Baltimore? In the 1960’s, construction of The Highway to Nowhere (The Highway, Route 40 East & West) displaced thousands of West Baltimore residents. The Highway is 1.5 miles long—a two minute ride with 3.5 miles of blank, 30-foot walls that block […]

  • Joy: a radical solution for schools

    Ask any creator…an architect, sculptor, writer, carpenter, choreographer,  composer or designer. Sometimes you just have to stop and start all over again. They say it is ‘insanity’ to continue doing the same things and yet keep expecting different results. Sometimes you have to detach, throw out and then re-create. This is the formula I suggest […]