2016 Impact Report

In the past, we have published an annual report that primarily listed the grants we made over the previous year and the generous donors who made that work possible. But we always knew that wasn’t the full story. OSI-Baltimore is more than just the sum of its grants and donors.

So this year, we set out to create a report that taps into our vision for a more just and equitable Baltimore, the strategic thinking behind our programmatic decisions, and, perhaps most importantly, the impact of our work on the lives of residents through our city and, often, throughout the state.

2015 Grants and Donors

Our beloved Baltimore is a vital American city with a grand history and a wonderfully diverse population. But it faces tremendous challenges. The Baltimore uprising that began in April 2015 brought many of the city’s deeply rooted problems to the surface and created a unique opportunity to address…

2012 Grants and Donors List

Change takes audacious ideas, pragmatic solutions, partnerships, patience, and persistence.  We are working to create a different city. With community partners and policy makers, OSI-Baltimore is developing effective solutions and making lasting change in Baltimore. Download the 2012 Grants and…