• OSI presents at White House Summit on Covid-19 Equity

    In November, the White House hosted a Summit on Covid-19 Equity, including presentations by US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and other public health officials and discussion on “The Power of Partnerships” and “From COVID-19 Equity to Health Equity.” In the afternoon, during the “What Works Showcase,” advocates from around the country were asked to present […]

  • 2015 OSI Grants and Donors

    2015 Grants and Donors

    Our beloved Baltimore is a vital American city with a grand history and a wonderfully diverse population. But it faces tremendous challenges. The Baltimore uprising that began in April 2015 brought many of the city’s deeply rooted problems to the surface and created a unique opportunity to address them and bring meaningful, lasting change. We believe in a renewed Baltimore, where opportunity is abundant and all […]

  • 2014 Grants and Donors

    2014 Grants and Donors

    We can see it. We have a vision of Baltimore where every child can be healthy and prosperous. We see a city where no one lives in poverty or is held back because of racial discrimination. We see Baltimore as a beautiful city where opportunity is abundant and we can all thrive. We can make […]

  • 2013 OSI Grants and Donors

    2013 Grants and Donors List

    We know it can happen. We see progress every day. We use a broad set of tools—grantmaking, education, advocacy, technical assistance, and investment—to take promising solutions to scale. See our 2013 highlights, grants, and donors.

  • 2012 Grants and Donor List

    2012 Grants and Donors List

    Change takes audacious ideas, pragmatic solutions, partnerships, patience, and persistence.  We are working to create a different city. With community partners and policy makers, OSI-Baltimore is developing effective solutions and making lasting change in Baltimore. Download the 2012 Grants and Donor List.