• A moment of empathy and resolve

    In the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death, photos and video of a city in flames played on a loop in the national media, spurring fear and leading distant viewers to believe that Baltimore was burning for days. Those in the city felt the impact of that fear—in the crowded police presence at protests and the inconsistently imposed curfew. But those of us on the ground, especially those who came out to march, also felt a surprising and tangible sense of hope.

  • After the Uprising: Transforming Police Culture

    The road to justice and equality in Baltimore does not begin or end with the Baltimore Police Department. The conduct of Baltimore police, however, is front of mind for people who care about Baltimore. Thus, how to improve policing in Baltimore is a logical focus at this time.

  • We need to get closer

    The demonstrations and violence that followed the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody took some by surprise. But to others who have lived in many of Baltimore’s neglected neighborhoods, the uprising felt inevitable.