• It’s time to redesign high school

    Expanding learning time and opportunities for students is not about adding something extra to the school day. It’s not about creating a program or one more initiative for a principal to manage. It’s about helping schools develop new ways of doing business by working in partnership with communities to make the most of all the great assets we’ve built up…

  • How to be gritty: what children don’t know can hurt them

    If you’ve heard more in the past year than ever before about the role that grit and resiliency play in student achievement, that might be “a response to No Child Left Behind and this narrow focus on standardized testing,” Angela Duckworth suggests.

  • Raising achievement for all students

    What makes America the most inventive culture on the planet? When I go to international meetings, why do leaders from countries with the highest test scores tell me they wish their kids could be more like ours? It’s because we value free thinking, creativity and innovation. We raise our kids to discover their talents and pursue them toward futures full of possibilities.

  • A six-hour school day just isn’t enough

    Imagine if the 3 PM school dismissal bell wasn’t a call for mass exodus. Imagine if students remained in school well into the evening—not for an afterschool program or detention—but as part of an engaging, integrated day of math, African dance, science, photography, English, civic leadership, and even Brazilian martial arts.