• Big solutions

    We enter the New Year with startling economic developments that threaten the security of residents throughout the country, including right here in Maryland:  soaring levels of unemployment, high rates of foreclosure, and dramatic losses in savings and investments.  The scope of the recession—and the time and reinvestment required to recover from it—oddly gives us the […]

  • Give the public access to facts, not anecdote

    The December three-part series in the Baltimore Sun on buprenorphine, the drug approved by the Federal Drug Administration in 2002 for heroin addiction, compromised clarity and balance by burying key facts about the drug’s use and effectiveness and further exaggerated its potential abuse.  Ostensibly motivated by a concern that potential abuse of buprenorphine was not […]

  • Imagining might spur action

    What would it take to create a widespread sense of urgency about solving Baltimore’s problems? I often feel that our region’s relative wealth allows some of us to be insulated from the pockets of poverty and instability that deeply affect too many of our fellow citizens. When critical public moments arise—such as the upcoming legislative […]