Last week, the Baltimore Sun published a list of 10 “change-makers working to improve the Baltimore area with their courage, innovative thinking, and leadership.”

Among those listed are Catalina Rodriguez-Lima, director of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs (MIMA). Rodriguez-Lima, a member of Open Society Institute’s Leadership Council, partnered with OSI to create the Safe City Baltimore Initiative, which provides legal defense services to protect the due process rights of local immigrants threatened by stepped up federal enforcement..

Russell Wattenberg, a 2000 OSI Community Fellow and founder of for The Book Thing, was also included. Wattenberg established The Book Thing as a distribution network system that provides used and remainder books to non- profit organizations and individuals throughout Baltimore City.

Read the full list of “10 people who make the Baltimore region better: Torrey Smith to Kondwani Fidel” here.

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