Recently, OSI grantee, Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB) has been working with Maryland Public Television on a digital television series that features the OSI-funded Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program. This three-part series will be released over the next several weeks. Part one is on MTP’s website now.

BHSB also highlighted the work of Baltimore Police Department Lt. Steve Olson, one of the LEAD officers featured in the MPT series, in a recent newsletter.

As part of his patrol work in Lexington Market, many of Olsen’s encounters are with citizens struggling with active substance use issues, but, he says, “You can’t fix addiction with handcuffs. With LEAD, Baltimore has to take a hard look at addiction and find a solution.” LEAD aims to create long-term systemic changes in how law enforcement addresses substance use. Learn more about the program here.

OSI is the primary funder for LEAD, which was developed in coordination with BHSB, the Baltimore Police Department and the State’s Attorney’s office.The LEAD pilot officially launched on February 1, 2017.

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